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Who’s Behind the WLBPA?

Work life balance: What is it?  Can anyone obtain it?  Who are you people?

Work life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (health,  pleasure,  leisure,  family and spiritual development/meditation),” according to WikiPedia.  The ratios of work and life vary from person to person, and will fluctuate for each individual thought his life.  Ultimately, a life lived in-balance is a life of fulfillment–and hopefully–enjoyment.

The Work Life Balance Protection Agency is a group of people who address various issues of work and lifestyle.  Sometimes, the writers address areas that are out-of-balance for themselves; sometimes, the writers share their expertise on areas that may be out of balance for you.  We want you to laugh a little, think about things from a new perspective, and be motivated to create your own balance. 

You are the designer of your own life–let us help you make the purposeful changes that will enable you to live the fulfilling and rewarding life you were meant to live.




Jennette Cronk (Director) writes about parenting, self-improvement, careers, and loves giving helpful tips.  Her experience in the fields of education, administration, and entertainment, give her a varied insight on work life balance, which she shares with humor and honesty.  She is a career-mother of two, a chronic entrepreneur, and helps others who work in their homes feel a little less “housebound.”  You can find her as a regular contributor to the Tampa Bay Moms Blog, participate in one of her workshops, or schedule a private coaching session.

Recurring Columns: Ask Madeleine and TrueDud

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Stacy LeVine (Columnist)  writes about the struggle of the artist in New York City. Having graduated with the NYU-Tisch Class of 2001 (BFA in Theatre Arts), she has 16 years of NYC artist struggle under her belt…and the acid tongue that comes with it. She is currently the “NYC Correspondent” for British satire magazine THE INCONSEQUENTIAL and hard at work on her historical fiction feature screenplay, BLACK TUESDAY.

Recurring Column: Stacy Steers Scylla & Charybdis

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Mo Breden (Columnist) is a retired federal employee.  Serving in Washington DC, for the Treasury Department, the United States Air Force in Europe at Ramstein Air Base, Ramstein, Germany, the Army in Fort Monmouth, NJ, the Navy at Newport Naval Base, Newport, RI, the Air Force again, at MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, FL, and ending finishing out her career working for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Tampa, and New Port Richey, FL.  She did this while raising two children and caring for her parents as they aged.  She shares her knowledge of politics, the federal government, and current events every week.

Recurring Column: Life with Mo





Alexandra Elaine Michaels (Columnist) has always been a lover of the off-beat and that includes her taste in films. She is combining her love of cult and horror films, helping people, and writing to create Movie Bad Girl of the Week.  At night she loves spending time with her husband and pursues her entertainment career. She has performed on stage and is working on a stand-up routine where she can share her quirky wisdom through comedy. She is currently working on a script with her film making partner Warren. She hopes she can offer you some good reading, smiles, laughter and advice that you can apply to your everyday life.

Recurring Column: Movie Bad Girl of the Week







Josie Beets (Columnist) is an attorney, military spouse, and mom. When she’s not at her day job (which she loves – hi boss!) she is Online Editor of the Military Spouse JD Network.  You can also follow her on Twitter @JosieBeets.


Recurring Column: Space In The Middle






L.M. Tabora (Contributor) is a full-time Mom, Wife and Student and one of our Mavens of Motherhood writers. She pulls material from her life as a work-at-home adoptive mother to her special needs son. She knows what its like to scour the internet, in the wee hours, looking for someone who’s ‘been there, done that’ and hopes to be a resource to other parents struggling with behaviors and diagnoses and prescriptions, oh my!





Erin D’Addio (Contributor) writes about education, brain tumor awareness, and every now and then, a recipe she has tried out.  She is a full-time first grade teacher and a brain tumor survivor. She hopes to give some helpful tips to parents with school aged children as well as provide some resources support, and inspiration for anyone going through a challenging medical condition.







David Wages, DC (Contributor) from AdvancedCare Chiropractic, is dedicated to helping patients achieve their wellness objectives — combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum.

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