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“STOMP” A Musical Celebration That Will Dazzle Your Senses!

You sit in the darkened auditorium looking at the stage. It is a run down and poorly lit warehouse. There are large garbage cans, the aluminum walls are worn and show rust, at the top of two ladders is a walkway with all kinds of junk hanging on wire racks. This would not be the first place we might choose to visit. Out of the shadows and into the dim light a man appears pushing a broom to rid the floor of unwanted debris. Slowly a rhythm begins to be heard. One by one, he is joined by others also pushing brooms, each with their own unique rhythm. With the speed of a striking snake, they break into a dance which seems tribal in nature. A dance indigenous to the people that populate this warehouse space. Using their brooms, all the rhythms join to make music. This is just the opening number and you are jolted by the high energy music blended with choreography that most of us could not keep up with. You know you are in for a special treat. Welcome to the world of “STOMP”, a presentation unlike any other, where music and beauty come from places you did not anticipate.


“STOMP” was created in Brighton, UK in the summer of 1991 and was based on street performers who, unable to afford instruments, found everyday items and learned to make music with them. You will find yourself smiling and sitting in awe as the cast take boxes of matches, newspapers, plastic bags and shopping carts to create music that will send your heart racing. The show is heavy on percussion with choreography that is so intricate  you will sit stunned as the performers juggle items between themselves with impeccable precision. Incorporate that with the bold and energetic routines they perform, interacting with one another, using footwork that is nothing short of amazing! Pair that with a dash of visual comedy and you have a winning combination.

When the set is lit throughout the show what at first looked ugly actually has a wonderful use of colors and the lighting cues are nothing short of beautiful, enhancing the already electrifying show. The cast is in urban wear which is perfection for this musical odyssey. You will sit in wonder, thinking, how do they do that? I promise by the end of the show you too, will be clapping out rhythms of your own. The cast is a joy to watch and you can tell they love what they do…and by the end of the evening so will you. “STOMP” is here for your enjoyment. Bring out the family, that special someone or just yourself and experience this powerful and dynamic show that is unlike anything you have ever witnessed on the stage. Dance, humor and music from unpredictable places fuse together to create an unforgettable theater going experience. “STOMP” is an extraordinary musical journey. You’ve never seen anything like it.

STOMP3 “STOMP” is at the Straz Center in the Carol Morsani Hall until May 3rd. Ticket prices are $49.50-$69.50

The Straz Center is located in downtown Tampa at:

1010 N. W.C. MacInnes Place

Tampa, Fl 33602

813.229.7827 – Ticket Sales Office (Local)

800.955.1045 (Outside the Tampa Bay Area)

You may also purchase tickets online at:

Performance dates and times:

Thursday May 1, 2014: 7:30 pm

Friday May 2, 2014: 8:00 pm

Saturday May 3, 2014: 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm

"Stomp" is unlike anything you have ever experienced

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  1. It really was amazing what they did with all that “junk” – and of course an insane amount of passion & talent

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