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Put a Cork in It! 35 Things To Make with Wine Corks

I have a lot of cork.  My “friends” sure drink a lot of wine!!  HA, Ha, ha, tears…  

Anyway, I’ve seen a bunch of things you can do with the wine corks (if having a “plan” helps you feel more like a crafter and less like a booze-hound), so I thought I’d compile a nice list for you.  See?  It isn’t about the wine…it’s about the art!

First, this awesome blog post starts with 15 things you can make with wine corks (complete with pretty pictures and everything. They are as follows:

1. Wine cork stampers

2. Coasters

3. Place card holders (matching the trivet of course)

4. Trivets (actually look nice–you can do them with the cork grouped horizontally or vertically)

5. Thread spool

6. Mini-planter

7. Key Chain (nice idea to remember a special bottle..I mean..special moment of celebration: wedding, date, Thursday, whatever…)

8. Decorative cork ball (really does look like something you would find at Anthropologie)


9. Bath Mat

10. Back-splash

11. Plant marker

12. Wine Cork Cork-board (these seems a little meta)

13. Drawer knobs (or cupboard pulls)

14. Wine charms (nice gift)

15. Magnets

Here are some other ones I found, with links to directions if I could find them…


16. Wreath (several different kinds like this one or this one or this one)

17. Glue a decorative bobble/ceramic ball on the wide end (the side that won’t fit back in) and make a new bottle stopper/cork

18.  Floating Wine Corks and Candles Centerpiece

19. Jar filler : Lamp Style (fill the base of a clear lamp)

20. Jar filler: Wine Cork Alone Style (the corks in a fancy jar, on display (you can also write special dates on them, etc.))

21. Jar filler: As Base for Flowers or Candle Style

22. Monogram Letters (or spell out words…like…WINO…)

23. Ornaments (or earrings if you are going for that look…)

24. Centerpiece for Christmas (or other shapes I guess)

25. Pendants to wear (I especially like this one or this one)

26. Pendants to hang (off your wine bottle or the rear-view of your Gypsy wagon)—see ornament link above and let your imagination go wild

27.  Flower Arrangement Decoration (see plant markers above, but put in floral arrangements–always fun to jazz them up)

28. As Pegs to Hold Jewelry (or other things you would need pegs for)

29. Stemware holder (like the pegs above, but placed closer together on a large board–  hang glasses by their base, between pegs)


30. Push Pins (glue tacks on them, or use the wine corks cuter cousin—the champagne cork top)

31. As a clock (trivet idea from above but with clock parts inserted)

32. A Cork Curtain (string together on colorful cord and make a curtain–like bead curtain but cork)

33. Serving Tray (bathmat or back-splash idea from above, but on the bottom of re-purposed serving tray)

34. Cheese/Spread Knives

35. A Ton of Creative Toys/Figures (like this one)

I am stopping now because…I have some wine drinking to do!  The possibilities are endless.



Do you want to try out some of these but haven’t quite drunk enough to make a dent in the project?

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  1. Thanks for linking the DIY Playbook’s Wine Cork Wreath!! This fabulous list has inspired me to make a new wine inspired DIY! Cheers!

    • Jennette Cronk /

      Our pleasure! Keep us posted on upcoming projects, especially if they involve wine…I mean…crafts!!

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