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Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

I can’t believe that in just a little more than 48 hours another year will have passed. So much has happened this year, yet my mind is wondering how 2014 can already be over. It seems so short, where did it go? I have learned that as I get older time seems to pass at a more rapid rate although it passes at the same speed it always has. I think back to when I was in grade school and our 12 week summer break seemed like an eternity. Now I find myself thinking “Wow! Are the kids going back to school already?” The end of the year is a good time to give ourselves a pause to look back and reflect on what was. It is also a chance to open our minds with the endless prospects of what the New Year can be. What are our desires, wishes, hopes and dreams for 2015? First I am going to look back, then I will tell you what I hope for 2015.


Looking back on 2014 I know that my life is good, not perfect by any means but good. There have been ups and downs, laughter and tears, hellos and goodbyes, through it all there has been unconditional love and support. That is something you cannot put a price tag on. If you have love that is unconditional and solid you don’t really have to sweat the negative things that happen. You will get through them. I know I did.

2014 was not the best year I’ve ever had and it isn’t the worst. It presented many challenges that I had to rise to and other things came easy. Take my hand as I go down memory lane, looking back on what was.

The years didn’t start with a bang. It was business as usual. Early in the year I lost my day job. That was scary to me. I talked things over with my husband and we decided I would take a leap of faith and write full time. The writing full time has been an exciting and new adventure. Although I am making money it is not enough. Working from home can be fun and for a while it was. Now I feel like I am trapped in these four walls because at the end of my workday I am already home. There is no difference between my workplace and where I live. I have decided that I need a day job as well so I can be out of the house doing something a few hours a day. Cabin fever does not work for me.

Through 2014 I was entertaining on a fairly regular basis. Being an entertainer is a passion. However, our finances were a bit tight this year. We had one incident that occurred that put us behind. It took most of this year to get caught up. I can say that we are caught up now. I had to put my entertaining aside for a few months while we got everything else back in order. Now it is in order and this makes me very happy.

Sadly this year there were several deaths. Family and friends left us for the after-life. It is sad when it is someone’s time. It makes me think of my own mortality as I get older. I see my friends and one of their parents may die. A parent that used to drive us to movies, cook us dinners and host sleepovers for us. This breaks my heart because they were like my pseudo- parents in many ways. I sit there and think that they really couldn’t have been that old. I don’t feel old at 47 but even people around my age have passed away. It scares the hell out of me.

On the flip side of that coin is birth. Many people I know have brought new life into this world and their babies are people that I am getting to know and form relationships with. The beauty of childhood. You are innocent and everything in the world fills you with wonder. Every day is a joy and each new experience is an adventure. Your imagination is full and you use it freely as you learn to navigate through this thing called life. Where we shed tears of sadness for those we have lost, we embrace these young people with joy as they being their miraculous journey.


Through this year I have been working on some direct to video productions which I enjoy both in front of and behind the camera. I have reconnected with some people I have not seen for many years and have had the pleasure of catching up with our lives. There have been parties and celebrations. There have been dinners out and more cups of coffee and conversations than I can count. It is the small pleasures that give us so much.

My husband and I spend as much quality time together as we can. This man is my everything and the love I feel can’t even be put into words. We love life and we love each other and in that respect I could not ask for more.

I tried making better food choices for myself in an attempt to shrink my waist (you may remember this from last year). It did not work. I have to admit I enjoy eating. The food may have been healthier but with a lack of exercise (writing for a living keeps you on your butt) and eating too much of a good thing it didn’t exactly go as I planned. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind being a bit overweight. I am comfortable in my skin. I have decided that for the time being I just need to be what I am. Plump and sassy. I also said that I wanted to try to quit smoking. I still smoke. I have been to so many of the vapor shops and not a single flavor they offer hits the pleasure center in my brain the way the smoke from a cigarette does. I was hoping to find one that tasted like the smoke. It does not exist.



2014....still a big girl. Let's see what 2015 brings.

2014….still a big girl. Let’s see what 2015 brings.















I am now looking forward to 2015 and all the new opportunity and challenges it is going to bring. What do I want this year? Not much to be honest. Here is a my list.

In 2015 I want to…

Get back to entertaining on stage. I have missed this.

Finish the novel I began writing in 2014 and hopefully get published.

Lose weight? We’ll see.

Get some money put away so in a year we can take a fabulous vacation.

Hope the temp agency finds me some work that I really enjoy. This way I can get out of the house a few hours a day so when I get home it feels like a place where I can unwind and relax. I will continue writing from home, this will not change.

Work a little more on movies and short films. That brings me so much pleasure.

Keep in better touch with the people around me and the ones I am reconnecting with, there is no guarantee on how much time we have on this earth. I want to make it count.

Most of all enjoy being with my husband in the wonderful and loving relationship we have as we set about all the new adventures that will come our way in 2015.

To everyone,

I hope that you look back on your year (the good and the bad) and you think about the upcoming year and what you want. May your New Year be happy, bright, joyful and safe. I wish only the best for you in the upcoming year.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Alexandra xoxo



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