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Summer Super Moon Bonanza: 5 Ways to Celebrate

Today marks the first day of summer, and it happens to be on a Friday!!  Not only that, but June’s full moon (called the Strawberry Moon) brings a SUPER MOON, the largest full moon of the year!!  I think that is worth celebrating.  In honor of the solstice, the weekend, the sunshine, the end of the week, whatever, here are some suggestions on how to celebrate:


1. Listen to some summer jams!  The WLBPA has made a little collection for you.  Start your summer groove at work or wherever you are:

2. Celebrate the longest day by having dinner alfresco!  My kids get so excited when I ask them to set the table on the patio instead of our regular inside spot.  Now is the perfect time to grill, whip up a cocktail (like these cherry beer margaritas), and try out all those outdoor candle ideas you’ve been pinning on Pinterest!  I especially like the idea of hanging tea lights off the fence and using up all those baby food jars I’ve been collecting!  Baby food jars, heavy wire (or wire hangers), tea lights.  Done.  The fancy wire twirling might be too much for me…

hang tea lights

3. Bonfire.  Who doesn’t love it?  Get into the Super Moon spirit and throw some dried herbs, lavender, rosemary, etc. in there.  There is something magical about a great bonfire with friends.  Not for nothin’, it’s also a great time to try positive imaging.  Let the fire symbolize the shedding of old attachments and a chasing away of negativity.

4. Get a pedicure. Days near the solstice have been reported to have regenerative properties, bringing youth to the aging.  There are all kinds of lore about walking barefoot.  No matter what your beliefs, there’s a lot of flip-flop wearing a’ goin’ on.  Get your feet in summer shape with a little pampering.  Do you really need an excuse?

5. Watch the sunset and toast the summer with your loved one (and a great bottle of chilled wine).  Take this is an opportunity to surprise the love of your life.  Spend some time, just the two of you, and watch the changing colors of the sky.  Make a toast to each other.  I love a sweet Moscato for summer.  They have all kinds of sweet summery wines now.  I think I should make it a goal to try them all… Cupcake Vineyards?  You had me at cupcake…and vineyard.



P.S.  Disclaimer: Don’t drink and bonfire!

P.P.S.  Try a new lip gloss.  That always makes me feel summary.  Guys too–get a Chapstick with sunscreen.

P.P.P.S.  If you get invited to a pool party—go.  Have fun. No one cares how you look in a swimsuit.


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