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“These are a few of my favorite things.”

How do I describe my life? Hectic. Long gone are the days of childhood and high school. As a teenager I managed to go to school, hold a job, date and have a social life, be involved in activities and clubs and perform “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” 2 nights a week . It was a breeze. Now I am juggling schedules between my day job and home, scheduling time to write, pursuing my entertainment career by night, planning and preparing meals, doing laundry, spending time with my husband, finding time for family and friends, trying to maintain some kind of social life and on occasion go out and do something fun. I cherish those moments when I can actually stop and take a breath. What I mean by that is “me” time. I don’t get much of it. I relish the moments when I do. We all need time for ourselves, it is incredibly important. What I want to share are the things I enjoy when I get these moments, things that “I” find relaxing. These are  a few of my favorite things.

What are some of your favorite things?

What are some of your favorite things?


I  know that preparing meals 7 days a week really can be a chore. In my case it is actually quite the opposite. The kitchen is my happy place in our apartment and I love preparing delicious meals and baking wonderful sweet treats. It is such a joy to me. I love trying out new dishes and I am addicted to cook books. I love mixing the ingredients for each dish and savoring the aromas that fill the air. While I am cooking I always have a favorite movie in the Blu-Ray player. My favorite time to cook meals is when I am alone in the house. It is just me, a movie I love and some culinary delights being made in my kitchen. When everyone arrives home I have a tempting and tasty meal awaiting them. On Holidays I love having people come into our home for a feast. It gives me the opportunity to cook on a larger scale. I once remarked to my sister Taryn that we always have the meals at my house. Her response was “Bitch you know you love cooking for everyone.” The truth is, I do. It has been this way for years and in the case it is one thing that will never change. I enjoy cooking and truth be told I enjoy serving the meal to others even more.

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Getting lost in a good book is always a soothing treat. I love that sense of getting immersed in a world that is not my own and going on an adventure with the characters in the story. If a story is really great I can sometimes envision myself in the book. This little flight of fancy is always fun as I leave the world behind to visit a place of fictional (and thus safe) exploits. I love to sit there in a quiet house or out on the screened porch with a mug of coffee, my cigarettes and a paperback  novel of my choosing. If I am reading at night I sometimes like to have a snack while I read and it is always the same snack. I have nibbled this particular snack since I was very young. Blame Grandma, she first served it to me when I was a child and was reading a book. It is now my traditional book reading nosh. I love to read while munching on Funyuns and Oreos at the same time. Bite of Funyun, bite of Oreo. It sounds weird. That salty and sweet snack is just divine. If I ate this in public I am sure this would elicit more than one odd look in my direction.

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Anyone who knows me knows that horror is my favorite genre of film. My husband does not care for them . I create some me time now and then to indulge. On these nights I will wait for my husband to go to bed and then I will camp out on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket with a pillow and have some snacks close at hand.  I will then have a horror movie marathon watching 2 or 3 films back to back with all the lights off. It brings me so much enjoyment. Some nights it will be classics like “The Bad Seed” or “Creature from the Black Lagoon”.  On another night it could be slasher films like “Madman” and “The Burning” while other nights the choices can be completely random with titles like “Christine” and “The Fog”. The point is that these movies are like a roller coaster ride. I love the creative story telling and am held in almost rapture watching  moments of high tension in them. Many times I am dazzled with special effects.  Don’t let me fool you, I also love horror movies that are so godawful that they are good. A cheesy film can be a lot of fun. I adore the moments that I find myself laughing when the film maker’s intent was to make me scream or cringe in fear. These movies are to me what comfort food may be to others. It is something I do for me and me alone. It is a way of pampering myself with something that makes me happy (and it gives my husband the entire bed for a night).




This is something that I enjoy doing with my girlfriends or perhaps a friend I haven’t seen in a very long time. This is a time to leave our homes without our significant other and/or family and just enjoy some quality time. If gives us a chance to abandon some of the stresses of life and have a wonderful visit where we can talk, laugh, exchange ideas and just unwind. In the age of text messages and FB this seems to be a dying breed to actually visit and put the phone, computer or tablet away and just talk with someone face to face. You get to enjoy a beverage and/or food and breathe easy. You get to enjoy human companionship and you can gab about anything you want without disruption or interference. We talk about our families, lives, work, hopes and dreams, we share ideas and we may even talk about a project we would like to undertake together. This makes  you feel good.There are not enough words in our vocabulary to describe how much I love my husband.  I cherish each moment together. Now and then we all need a little break just to venture out on our own and enjoy some time for ourselves. Something exclusively yours. When I get home I am more than happy to tell my hubby about my date. I encourage him to do the same. He deserves “me” time for himself as well.

My (it's not Starbucks) coffee date with Jennette. Sounds like a movie title.

My (it’s not Starbucks) coffee date with Jennette. Sounds like a movie title.



I love to get in the car, pop in a CD and just go cruising with my tunes. Sometimes I will drive aimlessly and just enjoy the scenery. I can drive for 2 or 3 hours enjoying the day and my music. Some days the ride will lead someplace. I may get ice cream or lunch. I may stop at a coffee shop or the mall to window shop. I may end up downtown or at a park and take a walk and delight in my surroundings. The point is that when I leave home I have no idea what the day is going to hold. It can be uneventful or it can become an adventure. It is always a surprise and it is a pleasant break from the everyday routine. I highly recommend you try this, however, don’t do it if you have errands to run on that particular day. If you do you’ll be running errands and that will defeat the entire purpose.

Just go, you never know where the day will take you.

Just go, you never know where the day will take you.

Now I want you to get a notebook or a piece of paper and make a list of things that “you” enjoy doing. This list is for you exclusively. It can be long or short, the length does not matter. Now look at this list and think to yourself when is the last time you did these things. I am sure that it has been a while since you have partaken in some of the items listed. Now that you have the list make some “me” time for yourself and use this list. Relax and enjoy as you do something to treat yourself. You work hard, you take care of your family and relationships, you deal with everyday pressure. Life is a gift and should be spent with as much happiness and joy as possible. Set aside a little time every so often and reward yourself. You deserve it and it will make for a better balance in your life.




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