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It’s 5:00 Somewhere!


This winter has made many of us feel housebound and stir-crazy!  If you add cooped-up children to the mix, turn up the crazy to 11.  Along with the cheerful personality of Vee Pope, from One Social Brunette, we have started a podcast to help ease the isolation.

The Sippin’ Social Hour is designed to be a conversation among friends.  We’re your power hour before happy hour!  Ever Friday, we will talk about what’s going on in the news-feeds, what’s going on around us, and tackle a topic designed to make us all better people.  From body image to career enhancement, we will build each other up and help each other out.  That’s what a great community of women should be, after all, a support network!

Pour yourself a drink, or grab a cup of coffee, and tune in!  Technology brings us all a closer together; write us and ask any question, suggest a topic, or comment on anything we discussed.  That’s what we’re here for.

Invite your friends to listen too!  You can share our page on Facebook, e-mail us, or follow us on Google+.


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