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Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday: Get movin’

Even when (100 years ago) I worked out every day, sometimes twice, for over six-months, I didn’t miss working out when I stopped.  People always tell me, “You’ll get to the point where you just HAVE to do it.  You’ll miss it too much if you don’t.”  This. never. happened. to. me.  I don’t think it will, honestly.

I will have to find a way to trick myself into making activity a part of my daily life!  I love dancing, I love a great hike or walk in beautiful weather, I even love the feeling of a hearty cardio session—just not all the time.  In order to really trick myself, it is going to have to fit into a routine and it can’t be about me.  I know, I KNOW!  I hear you.  Everyone should fit in moments in their day where they do something just for them (can you hear the chirping of birds in the background?).  I believe this too.  But if I spend that precious moment for myself on something like exercise, I will be mad at how I wasted my moment on exercise!!  My moment should be something like reading or a pedicure or both.

Several articles I read talk about how you just have to make your life more active and then the weight will start coming off, and it won’t seem so hard.  I hear this; I just want to see results sooner, so I can stay motivated to stay on track.  For me, when I talk about losing weight, I am talking about losing 65 pounds (for the first goal and reevaluating at that point).  This is good.  It used to be that I had to lose 100 pounds, so things are looking up.

If you happen to be one of those people who have over 50 pounds to lose, you can talk to me! I do understand and I continue to fight the good fight. Each success feels a little dampened by the fact that you have such a long way to go.  We cannot be on a timeline, though.  We have to appreciate each accomplishment for what it is–a success!!

Back to the point of the post!  How to trick myself into being more active:  my kids!!  I want them to truly enjoy being active.  I want them to feel pride in their ability to excel at sports or activities (something I never had), or pride in how strong they can be.  After yesterday’s post about combining a workout with playing in the park, I’m looking into more ways to make movement become habit for myself and the girls.  Here’s how I think it will work:

1. Do it together

Obviously, the whole family should be in on this. It should be some activity everyone can participate in so no one feels lesser-than or left out.  Walking? Kicking balls?  Throwing things? I’ll work on this.

2. Make it routine

Recently, I spent a few days with my sister and her boyfriend (both thin).  They suggested we take a walk after dinner.  The weather was lovely; the stroll was lovely.  We talked and got to know each other .  The second night, he suggested the walk again.  I think this is a habit.  How easy?  Maybe this should be a simple thing we do as a family.  A routine that we pass on?  This was just a stroll  by the by, not a power walk.  Because I usually think of movement in terms of weight-loss, I forget that there is such a thing as just moving.  I don’t have to sweat and burn (and chafe); I can just stroll along and all is good.

3. Keep it simple

It doesn’t have to be complicated.  We can just be together and moving at the same time. Right? We can even go to the mall and stroll if the weather is bad, or go to a museum and look at art (that’s still walking right).  Cardio is something different.  I’m just talking about inspiring motion. Washing the car? Swinging contest (at the playground–I should add)? Splash in the pool?


Send me your ideas!  I’d love to add them.  If you have had success balancing work/life/fitness/health and want to write for WLBPA, please contact me!  If you have had failures balancing work/life/fitness/health and want to write about what to avoid or what you have learned, please contact me.  This is a Protection Agency!!!  We are looking out for people (and ourselves) and doing good work.  I’d love to hear as many voices on the topic as possible.

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