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White Tea – Green with Envy

White Tea – Green with Envy


In the last couple decades, Americans have heard all about how black and green tea can be healthy, from boosting your immune system to perhaps preventing cancer.  Recently, it has been found that white tea may be the best of them all.  Just like those other teas, white tea derives from a plant mostly harvested in China, Japan, and India called the Camellia sinensis plant.    The difference is the plant is harvested before the buds fully open.  White tea is similar to green tea in that it has undergone very little processing and no fermentation (unlike black tea which is fully fermented).    White tea also contains considerably less caffeine, and some studies are showing that it has higher concentrations of active cancer-fighting anti-oxidants than green tea.  But for some people the main determining factor is the flavor.  White tea is said to have more of a light and sweet flavor versus the “grassy” flavor of green tea.  However, the news isn’t all good—white tea is more scarce than other traditional teas, which makes it more expensive.  Because of its new-found fame though, it is now easier to find.  As with all teas, there are many varieties of white tea, such as: white peony, golden moon, silver needle and white cloud.


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