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Where Does Balance Begin?

A couple of months ago I posted about finding balance, and how I like the “surfing” concept of balance more than the “scales of judgment” idea.


To share an inside peek into the life of Jen, I’ve been struggling with balance and time management recently in my life, and for a multitude of reasons it’s been hard to see a solution that I can really get behind.

And then I saw a recent video from my friend Dr. Melissa West, founder of Namaste Yoga, about balance for beginners in yoga, and I had a real face palm moment (have you heard of “A ha!” moments? Mine are often more like “Oh, duh!” moments. For realsies).

I view experience in this world in a very embodied way. Your body lives with you throughout your life, and parallels any experience you are having in your mind or emotions. Sad? Your body is too. In love? Bet you’ve got some butterflies! Your body can have a lot to say about your life situations. Likewise, things that happen to your body (like an injury, illness, or super awesome massage) can impact your thoughts and emotions as well, but that’s a post for another day.


So when I’m stuck, it has never failed me, to start my exploration with body connection and exploring the topic from a physical standpoint.

Are you struggling with balancing work, home, fun and relationships? Then try exploring the physical aspect of balance, and take it ‘to the mat’. This particular video offering is yoga, but it doesn’t have to be…you could ‘take it to the surfboard’ or the balance beam, or simply to standing up in your living room and shifting from one foot to the other and seeing what it takes to find ‘balance’, and paying attention to what all is happening while you’re doing all that.

You can check out the (free) video here.









In the introduction page to Melissa’s video, she talks about the components of finding balance: observing, interpreting, and responding to stimuli. The same pieces apply to finding balance in life. How do you observe what’s happening around you, particularly the things in life that demand your attention. Do you observe and integrate before responding, or are you acting on everything that comes your way with out discernment? How do you choose what to respond to? And when you do respond, how do you best adjust so that your response is true to you, and self supporting?

There are no right or wrong answers. I hope you enjoy this video, and some body-as-a-metaphor-for-life engagement.


About the author: Jen Kahn MS, RYT works with clients using Functional Nutrition, Botanical Medicine, Mind-Body exploration therapies, Wellness Mentoring and the five cardinal elements (earth, air, fire, water and ether). Her practice focuses on supporting clients who are dealing with chronic health conditions, eating, and mood dysfunction, as well as those looking for a healthy kickstart or to take wellness to the next level. Through the blessings of modern technology she works with clients all over the world in private consultation and through online workshops. If the article above leaves you wanting more, you can contact her by email for further information about her products and services: When she’s not working with clients, running events, or writing, she can be found biking, cooking, painting, snuggling with her cats, inventing recipes, or doing nothing at all in the Pacific Northwest.

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