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Trashy Tuesday: Move it out of your way!

We have spoken about clutter. Not all of us listened…. Ok. Me. I didn’t listen. But, I can say my desk is still clean!

*I was going to post a picture of my “clean desk” here, but in the picture my desk looked horrible. Clutter city. However, to me, it is  now a perfect working space for craft projects, items I’ve taken away from the baby, bills to pay, and CD’s to burn….*

While Pinning, which is what I do at night when I feel like I haven’t done anything important all day (seriously, Pinning is research—and research is prestigious—for the future (this is what you can say to your partner when he/she gets on you about how much time your spend on Pinterest without actually making anything)), I came across this site! It’s really cool. You can enter the dimensions of your room and play around with the layout of your stuff. Combine that with a little feng shui and get-it-gurl!

I have a really odd L-shape room with a cray-cray arrangement of outlets. I like to imagine the construction worker in charge of outlets, cable access points, and light plates just spinning around in my living room, singing “The hills are alive…” and flinging out face-plates for these things willy-nilly. Also, in my vision, the construction worker is Alcide from True Blood.

alcide and julie

It’s hard to be creative when couches are heavy. Here, however, you can play around with furniture arrangements without fear of overdosing on Advil.

Here’s another Pin about organization. I actually like this one because it deals with closets. I am too overwhelmed with the never-ending-cleaning-of everything, that comes with my being a career mother, to think of organizing anything larger than a closet! Seriously, if the definition of insanity is repeating the same behaviors while expecting a different result—motherhood is insane!!! I realize it is my expectations that need to change…er…we’ll have this talk later.

Back to the point, this site has good tips. Maybe you have seen the Pin where the lady uses Dollar Store baskets to organize the contents of her refrigerator? Um. That is the opposite of me. Anna’s got good tips for real people. My favorite thing is the way she uses shoe organizers (because really, how many of us have ONLY 10 pairs of shoes! Right?! I mean, I don’t have a shoe problem or anything… I can quite any time! HA, Ha, ha, tears). Anna makes me feel like it can be done. In small doses. For me.

If you want, you can follow the Work Life Balance Protection Agency board here.

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