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Trash Talkin’ Tuesday

Most people already know work can be hazardous to your mental health and stress levels. But did you know it’s also a veritable disease factory!? Your work place is filled with 25,127 germs per square inch (at least your phone is)? An article from the American Cleaning Institute (see the word “institute” makes it official) totally gave me the heebe-geebees by including facts like the aforementioned phone germs.  Read it and be warned!  They also give you several tips, some via links at the bottom of the article, on how to clean it up, unclutter your desk, and tips on cleaning your computer (which apparently needs cleaning).  They don’t call this the Protection Agency for nothin’ (also, “agency” makes us seem more official).

Did you know that having a messy home can also be hazardous?   Not just for obvious reasons, like stepping on a Lego and almost killing yourself  (Those are torturous, and I’m fairly certain are the preferred pavement in HELL), cleaning your house is linked with your mental well-being and clutter can actually keep you in a cycle of poverty!

Get rid of the clutter.  Having stuff everywhere makes you feel down, out of control, you waste time having to look through everything before you find what you are looking for, it’s unattractive.  Also, you have probably wasted a bunch of money on that collection of ____.  Ask yourself:  How many of these  __dried out pens___ do I really need? What is my real attachment to these? Kathryn Weber, a feng shui wealth expert, gives helpful tips in her article, Clutter’s Effects on Your Life — How clutter affects you and what to do about it. Clearing clutter also helps relieve dust (and consequently allergy symptoms) issues, feelings of being overwhelmed, and literally gives you room to breathe and focus.

Using feng shui to clean and organize with purpose is something I will try and report back to y’all later.

Right away, you can clean your desk!  Now!  Don’t wait.  I just did it (mostly) and I feel accomplished—ish.



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