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Surviving a Stressful City

tampa_skylineIn an article from ABC news, Sterling’s Best Places listed the top 10 most stressful major cities.  New York, NY was not on the list.  Actually, half of the list named cities in Florida as the most stressful, with Tampa Bay at the top.

What comprises a stressful city? Employment, commute time, mental health, cloudy days, etc., all get factored in.  “Personal health” was also listed as a concern for 53% of those surveyed.

What can you do, if you live in a stressful city, to avoid letting the surrounding vibe seep into your system?  Start by looking at the list of stress factors and see if any of them ring true for you.  Focus on solving that issue first.

For all of the issues, from employment to weather, a change of mindset is the most critical move you can make.  Changing the way you look at a situation is ABSOLUTELY WITHIN YOUR CONTROL.  Accepting ownership for your decisions leads to self-discovery, understanding, and the ability to set accurate goals.  

You decided where to live, or to participate in the factors leading you to your current home, where to work, how to care for your body.  You have the control to make a change in any area of your life that is no longer working for you.  That’s right?!  You have permission to reevaluate your life.  Just because you set a goal 12 years ago doesn’t mean you still need to work towards that same goal–if that goal is no longer serving you.

Surviving a stressful city is about opening your mind.  A narrow mindset leads to intense negative feelings –which leads to vulnerability.  This emotional vulnerability can lead a person to make poor choices and blind them to other available options or solutions.  If the people around you are causing stress in your life, meet new people.  If your commute is killing you, use it as an opportunity to discover one new band a week (or an opportunity to work on self-improvement).  If your health is in poor shape, make one small healthy change and let it lead to others.

A “change of scenery” has long been a remedy for soothing stress.  If you can’t decide where to start, take a trip to an open space.  Tampa Bay might be the top most stressful city, but it is also home to great parks, beaches, and farms.  Change your viewpoint by changing what you actually see.  Give your mind a chance to re-set and reveal remedies you can incorporate into your life.  Remember, one small change is all it takes to cause enough momentum to overhaul your life.




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