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Stop Buying Time and Start Experiencing It Instead

I realized yesterday that I have been trying to buy time. Not against impending death or doom, but every minute of every day I am thinking of how I will be ‘spending’ my time, ‘filling’ my time, or working against it. This noticing came to me in the context of thinking about money, and how it has often seemed, to me, like a trade off between the two: if I want time, I have to give up money, or if I want money, I have to give up time.


It occurred, then, to me, that perhaps there was another option. To let time move on of its own accord. To let the cup runneth-ing over with space, generate abundance of its own accord.

In the work I’ve been creating for the past few years, I teach people how to listen to and learn from their bodies, emotions, thoughts, intuition, and from the things that are happening in their lives, both internally and externally. I’ve gotten pretty good at practicing this myself, except for this one, rather glaring oversight: I haven’t been listening to time. I’ve been trying to control, shape and berate it into doing my will. Or I’ve been ignoring it, or anxiously trying to, while in wait of shift or change or inspiration. But I definitely haven’t been listening.


I’m a big fan of imagined outcomes and fantasy future, but when it comes to bringing dreams into reality, some actual action has to take place. We can “practice” being in action by doing physical activity, setting schedules or following routines, or taking something metaphysical (like an idea) and making it physical, by writing, building, cooking, or other ‘creating’ activity. Time itself involves flow, and perception, both things that are also involved in the creative process.


My next step with my big ‘a ha’ idea about time is to explore a greater connection to my own internal sense of time, and my internal sense of readiness and action, rather than orienting solely to the external clock. I’ve been doing this for years, by following my energy, and following my thoughts and emotions, but I have yet to follow my rhythm. I’m going to start with pen and paper, with getting words on a page, turning ideas into concrete, for seven mornings, and at the end, see where I end up. One great tool for this exercise is Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, from The Artist’s Way. I’ll let you know how it turns out!


Do you see yourself in any of this? I’d love to hear about your relationship with time, and if it’s working for you! Leave a comment or drop me a line.



About the author: Jen Kahn MS, RYT teaches people how to listen to their lives, using metaphysical philosophy, mythology, and evidence-based mind-body medicine. Her practice focuses on supporting clients who are dealing with illness, looking to improve wellness, or who have a bad case of Something’s Just Not Right syndrome. Through the blessings of modern technology she works with clients all over the world in private consultation and through online workshops, and is right now offering free 30 minute consults and chakra assessments. If the article above leaves you wanting more, you can contact her by email for further information about her products and services: When she’s not working with clients, running events, or writing, she can be found biking, cooking, painting, snuggling with her cats, inventing recipes, or doing nothing at all in the Pacific Northwest.

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