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I’m Not (just) Fat, I’m Pregnant!

After trying for over four years to get pregnant, I wanted to announce it to the world.  I couldn’t wait to join the club of knowing looks, motherly-advice from strangers, and cute maternity fashions…[insert tire screech here].  The club does not exist! Cute maternity clothes?  For a plus-size gal?  As elusive as a unicorn…

I couldn’t find anything cute for my figure that didn’t make me look like I was wearing a tent.  An ugly tent. An ugly. EXPENSIVE. tent.  What’s a gal to do?  Here is my #1 way to look cute and pregnant while plus-size:

  1. Stick It Out:   That’s right!  No more sucking it in, no more hiding behind baggy t-shirts, live your pregnancy out loud and proud.  My pregnancy was the first time I could be proud of my roundness.  I finally felt free to fit-in.  So what if I was only 8-weeks along?!  You’ve only got 40 weeks (give or take) to bask in your pregnancy physique—so get to it!

Unfortunately, even well into my second trimester, I just wasn’t receiving all of the positive-tummy-praise I thought I deserved.  Turns out, unless you are obviously pregnant, people don’t say anything to you for fear of being…er…wrong.  Have no fear!

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preg-o collage

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