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Happy to Be Hooping: Hula Hoop Fitness

Hula hoops are no longer just a child’s toy of years gone by. It is a great way to have fun while working out. Most people that begin hula hooping for exercise stick with it because it is enjoyable and not seen as a task.

Using adult sized hoops, you can get a great calorie burning cardio workout while developing muscle tone. A study by ACE shows that working out with a hula hoop burns about as many calories as step aerobics, cardio kickboxing, or boot camp. An average of 7 calories are burned for each minute of hooping, or about 210 calories burned in a half-hour class.

“The findings from our commissioned study indicate that hooping delivers a total-body workout that can improve flexibility and balance while strengthening the back, abdominal, arm, and leg muscles,” says Cedric X. Bryant, PhD, chief scientific officer of ACE.

Bryant also stated that “Not only can hooping workouts result in improved cardiovascular health, muscle conditioning, flexibility and balance, but hoopers may also enjoy a fun, relaxing and potentially meditative effect due to the activity’s rhythmic nature.”

Michelle, from Happy2BHooping LLC, has a love of hooping that grew out of a desire to find a fun way to exercise. She has been hooping since 2008, and started taking hoop classes in 2009. When she started taking classes and practicing regularly, the weight that she had been carrying for years finally started to drop off. Now, 35 pounds lighter and a lot happier, Michelle has opened a studio to assist others in their journey of hoop joy.Hooping before and after

You will rarely see Michelle without a hoop, even on vacation. She loves to share her enthusiasm of hula hooping with others and help them to find the joy in the dance. She has a background in belly dancing which shows in her performance style. Always looking for new ways to improve herself, she has also begun pole dance fitness in the last two years with her studio partner Buttercup Pole Dance.

HoolaFit combines cutting-edge hoop dance techniques with a variety of efficient drills and concepts to promote maximum health and wellness benefits. The program encourages students to progress at their own pace, to foster personal growth, creativity and exploration.

Michelle attended the Hoola-Fit Teacher Certification program in 2012 and is a Licensed Hoola-Fit trainer. She has been teaching friends and family for years, but is glad to have the training and certification to continue to spread the hoop-love with the world.

Michelle’s hoop business, Happy2BHooping LLC, opened in January of 2013. The studio is located in Carrollwood and is the only hula hoop studio in Tampa. For more information or class schedules, please visit her site or send her an email.  She’s happy to answer any questions you may have!

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