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Getting Back to W(e)rk

This beautiful Memorial Day holiday has come and gone. Tomorrow, we will go back to work and get back on our “wagons” after a celebratory hiatus.  As usual, I overdid it, though not so much that I can’s see where I did make better choices!

Over the winter holidays, I spoke with fitness expert Vanessa Aviles. She offered some great advice about getting back into the saddle:

1. Give yourself a time-out.  “Breathe, pray, listen to music in your car, remember the good things in life, but give yourself a 15 minute time-out.” A clear head and more level emotions will help us make better decisions.  Step back from the hustle and give yourself breathing room to make a different choice.  Have you just gotten back from vacation where you’ve been completely off-schedule?  A mini-time-out can help get you refocused.

2. Allow for indulgence with a set cut-off and proper preparation.  “Prepare healthy go-to’s for your day after.”  Feeling like you missed out can cause your subconscious to retaliate.  Plan for your indulgence, plan a stopping point, and make it easy on yourself to “get back at it” by having pre-prepared meals.  Simple and extremely effective.  Imagine how easy it is to get back to work when you can just grab your lunch and walk out the door?  It’s the drudgery of staring blankly into the refrigerator, with thoughts of your delectable cheat meals, that makes it even harder to get back to normalcy.  It’s hard to pack yourself lunch when you don’t even feel like getting back to work!  Do it way ahead of time–make a plan and prepare what you can for exactly those moments.  Grab and go without the dread.

If you didn’t do that for yourself this time, why not use today to prepare ahead?  Grab yourself some ready-made salads from the grocery store.  It’s more expensive, but it can give you enough time to get back into the swing of things.

3. Save the good stuff and toss the temptation.   You might think it wasteful, but why is the only solution always for me to eat it all?   There’s another way.  If you host a party, buy a bunch of cheap “take-and-toss” containers and send people home with all the tempting goodies.  Buy individual servings of treats instead of a giant cake you have to cut.  There are also a lot of delicious, good-for you items you can keep. Vegetables, meat, nuts, olives can all be treats you keep.  Make a turkey wrap. Eat veggies and hummus.

This week was not only a long, indulgent Memorial Day weekend, but also my daughter and husband’s birthdays!  Between the cakes and dinners-out, we had all kinds of temptations around. I just tossed them out. Why walk past them and torture myself?  Why engage my feeble will-power at 10 p.m.? They are in the trash.

Move your body today and tomorrow. Begin again. Move past any guilty moments and allow yourself to be worth a fresh start.

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