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Fighting Fat with Determination, Tears, and Tea

My journey to balance has always included a struggle to conquer my own body.  Even on days when my family life is rolling smoothly, I’m cranking out great work, and bills are paid, I still battle with my weight.  It is the one area of life that I have never been able to “get under control.”

I want to invite readers, here at the Work Life Balance Protection Agency, to hear a more personal side of my own journey towards living the life I choose.  Visit me here and share your story, words of encouragement, and remember that you are not alone.  On JennetteCronk (dot) com, I speak honestly about how I’ve become a change expert and want to inspire you to make your own mindful changes.

The path to your ultimate self is bumpy, foggy, and sometimes uphill.  As a person who has had well over a hundred pounds to loose, I can tell you the it is easy to loose momentum.  How can you celebrate your accomplishments when they seem insignificant in the face of your final goal?  My mantra is, “You’ll see.”  Some days, where I am feeling the struggle more intensely, I literally write it on my arm.  This reminds me that even though the end is no where in sight, it IS possible.

I’d really love your support, and for you to allow me to offer you the same in return.  The community we surround ourselves with greatly factors in to our success.

you'll see

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