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Easy Ways to Get Your Appliances to Be Your Maid

When we get home from work, our home work begins.   Laundry. Sterilizing. Dusting.  Dishes. never. end.  I came across several great articles that highlighted ways to get your appliances to work even harder for you, so you can spend less time cleaning!


In 7 Quick Ways to Get Your Machines and Appliances to Clean for You, Anita champions for her dishwasher, washing machine, and vacuum attachments.  After reading the article, I admit I rarely use any vacuum attachments.  And why not use the brush to tackle some dusting?  You and the vacuum are already standing there.  Hit those baseboards and blinds while you are at it… Great idea.

The article 25 Things You Can Wash in the Dishwasher… Besides Dishes, highlights exactly that. From computer keyboards to shower heads, shoes to fake flowers, I never realized so many things can be washed in your dishwasher!

In 5 Awesome Life Hacks for Home Appliance , author Tyler Wells Lynch blew my mind.  He mentions a few great hacks for using non-traditional items in your appliances or for getting your appliances to do non-traditional things.  It was his hack about cleaning the refrigerator that blew my mind!  He suggests covering each shelf with a layer of clear plastic wrap.  When there is a spill or crud build up, simply remove the plastic lining and replace with a new layer!  WHAT?!!  I am trying this one, right after I wash the shelves in my dishwasher…

Any time-saving cleaning hacks that have changed your view on cleaning?  Share with us!

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