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What Can You Do Without to Make Room for What You Desire Most?

What can you do without to make room for what you desire most?  

Answer this question honestly.


Your answer to this question can set you on the path to living your most authentic and fulfilling life.

Your answer to this question can, and probably will, change.

Your answer to this question might surprise or even disappoint you.


Make a list of all the things in your life you can let go of: emotions, beliefs, possessions.

Gone blank?  Try the other way first. List all of the things you desire most.  This list probably won’t be as long.  Choose your most authentic desire–the one that speaks to you most. Then ask yourself, “What am I willing to sacrifice for this to happen?”

I have had clients make powerful shifts in thinking by answering this question.  People who have been stuck in unhappy patterns, for very long periods of time, can experience significant change by completing this exercise.  Sometimes, the revelations themselves are enough to get the ball rolling!

It is a place to start.

Now is the time to start living a life you have designed.  Start feeling like you are doing and not being-done-to by shedding that victim mentality.  Answer this question in complete and total truth. What can you do without to make room for what you desire most?  Do not consider people’s opinions or listen to any judgmental areas inside your own mind.  

You might find you need to make some very difficult decisions: leave a job, leave a person, move away, sell your things.  You might not be willing to sacrifice the things that will get you to your heart’s desire.  At least you know.  You can begin to feel less victimized by owning your attachments.  You may also begin to see solutions open up that you had not considered.

Letting Go by Bandico on deviantART

Letting Go by Bandico on deviantART

You may find that you are already doing what you need to be, that you are in the right place, but need a reminder.  Too often, we let our critical mind make us doubt our decisions to live authentically and with intent.

When I chose to follow my desire to become the primary caretaker of my children, I didn’t realize all of the challenges that would accompany that decision, the least of which was letting go of a steady paycheck.  I left all of the “work” side ( I thought) and dove into the “life” side, leaving me just as imbalanced as I was before.  I need to be reminded, when challenges arise that make me doubt myself, of my true desire and what I am willing to sacrifice.  Completing this exercise helps me stay focused on my true goals, and make any needed adjustments to my plan.  Just because I was willing to sacrifice something six months ago doesn’t mean that I’m willing to sacrifice it now, for example.

By doing this exercise, you might come up with an answer that leads you to different answers down the road.  This exercise gives  you the opportunity to hone in on what REALLY matters to you.

Need a little help with this exercise?  Ready to expand on this and move forward?  Schedule a meeting with me.  The first one is always free.



  1. excellent suggestion – something to think about. Love your choice of image by the way

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