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Two-fer Tuesday

Monday was Memorial Day.  I took it off.  The goal of this site is to encourage balance in a life…even my own!  To make up for it, here is a little something extra for today.

As a habitual, maybe even chronic, multitasker,  this article from my WW newsletter struck a chord with me.  Here’s a few tips on how to workout while playing with your kids (or how to workout using playground equipment) at the park.  This comes in handy because: 1. I always try to track playing with my kids as exercise. 2. I have a hard time finding moments to exercise without my children. 3. I can cross two things off my for one!  Hooray for two-fers!

The article highlights include using the base of the slide for a stepper, using the monkey bar or slide ladder for pull ups, and a bench for push ups.  The best part is author Michele Stanten’s idea to use a swing for a warm-up!  She suggests really getting in there, pumping your legs, pulling your weight against the chains and swinging your guts out!  I love this.


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