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10 Ways to Hit the ‘Reset’ Button

I don’t know about you, but I have, more than once in my life, wished there were a big ‘reset’ button sitting around that I could smack. Really smack it. Reset my day, my month….. I’m usually, if I really think about it, looking to reset my attitude.


Today’s post is short and sweet. Here are 10 ways I’ve found to reset my “Blargh!!!!” and start anew:

  1. Go outside. In nature. Look at it and smell it. If you don’t have nature, imagine it or stick your face in a hedge, for real.
  2. Drink a glass of cold water, slowly. With your eyes closed.
  3. Nap.
  4. Pay attention to your breath for five minutes. Again, eyes closed.
  5. While we’re at it, close your eyes (eyes closed helps you to turn your attention inward and filter out the fray).
  6. Laugh.
  7. Make a friend date, or a self date, to do something fun.
  8. Notice if you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck, perhaps you have forgotten to do something, like eat. So eat, and make it healthy, with great texture. And don’t do other things while you are eating.
  9. Pick something you really want to do from your bucket list, and engage with it, by surfing the web, writing about it, or finding a photo and daydreaming. Here, you are reorienting to your ‘why’ and to your dreams.
  10. Take a day off; Take a vacation; Quit your job; Find a new one; Make. A. Change.

The urge for a reset, or a time out, is usually an indication that what is happening in and around you is not in alignment with your truth, preference or authenticity. It’s a call to look, and can also be a call for change. Next time this happens to you, instead of plowing on through, take a moment to stop, look, and take action on your own behalf.

This message brought to you by the committee for finding more fun and less sludge in life. No suggestion in this article is to be put into practice without a healthy dose of common sense, or is a replacement for medical advice or psychological counseling.


About the author: Jen Kahn MS, RYT works with clients using Functional Nutrition, Botanical Medicine, Mind-Body exploration therapies, Wellness Mentoring and the five cardinal elements (earth, air, fire, water and ether). Her practice focuses on supporting clients who are dealing with chronic health conditions, eating, and mood dysfunction, as well as those looking for a healthy kickstart or to take wellness to the next level. Through the blessings of modern technology she works with clients all over the world in private consultation and through online workshops, and right now she is offering free 30 minute consults and chakra assessments. If the article above leaves you wanting more, you can contact her by email for further information about her products and services: When she’s not working with clients, running events, or writing, she can be found biking, cooking, painting, snuggling with her cats, inventing recipes, or doing nothing at all in the Pacific Northwest.

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