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The Amazing Tortilla Toddler Toy

Maybe it’s because I’m on a slow-carb diet (no white sugar, starch, breads),  maybe it’s because they last forever,  maybe I was Mexican in a former life; I can’t get tortillas off my mind!  Several of my friends have buns in their ovens, and some for the very first time.  I know how much stuff they will amass in the next 40 weeks, and it makes me laugh (a little maniacally perhaps).


We were no different than most first-time parents.  We spent over four years struggling with infertility, so when we found out we were expecting, we started collecting everything we could think of for our baby.  Our shelves quickly filled with books for us, books for the baby, baskets filled with samples of Butt Paste, and every toy designed to stimulate our baby’s brain right into a Harvard scholarship.  As soon as the news hit we were having a girl, friends starting dropping off clothes by the bag full.  We kept ALL of it.  Now, with a 4 year-old and 1 year-old,  I can safely say they play with one thing every day–a small, round, flour tortilla.

Obviously, tortillas are food.  Rest assured, I will be posting some of my favorite go-to recipes involving tortillas.  A bag of tortillas is relatively inexpensive and has a super long shelf life.  For a time crunched mom, looking for a little life balance herself, there is nothing better than a cheese roll-up.  Seriously, small tortilla, some cheese, 15 sec. in the microwave, roll and serve.  That’s it.  Toss it in a baggie with some carrots and an apple/tangerine–BAM—instant picnic.

Did you also know that you can use another tortilla as a Frisbee for said picnic?  You can.  Did you now that you can bite the tortilla into shapes or snowflakes?  You can.  Did you know that you can make a soggy, glue paste/hair mousse from a half chewed wad of tortilla?  You CAN!  Just ask my 1 year old.  I’m telling you–hours of entertainment. They are great for sensory play, experimentation, and a snap to clean up.

The point, aside from convincing you to stock tortillas in your kitchen, is that kids don’t need a bunch of stuff.  In fact, in my experience, the more they have the more they WILL NOT play with it.  It is easy to take the toys they see every day for granted.  We rotate them, we donate an old toy before we get a new one, but there is nothing better than the ol’ imagination for getting my kids engaged in play.  What can the tortilla become? How can we use these empty boxes?  Why was mom throwing out these 2-liter bottle bowling pins?  You get it.

Here are some awesome tortilla ideas/recipes:

  • Cheese Roll-Up
  • Peanut Butter and Banana Quesadilla
  • Cheese Crisp/Mexican Pizza: Kids love helping!  Sprinkle various items on a tortilla and baked at 350-ish for 5 min-ish.   Or broiled until bubbly.  I’m scared of broiling…
  • Flatbread: olive oil, herbs, sea salt, etc. brushed on tortillas baked at 350-ish for 5 min-ish.
  • Sweet Chips: Brush melted butter over tortillas and sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar. Cut into triangles. Bake for 10-15 min-ish (until brown).
  • Any kind of wrap
  • Pinwheels (a wrap cut into slices)
  • Tortilla Cups/Bowls
  • And here’s 18 More Ways to Use Tortillas from Mr. Food.
  • Plus, you can make your own Luchador mask…



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