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Stress-Free Summer: 30+ FREE Online Tools for Kids

stress free summer


School is out! This is a transition time for anyone that has children. Children are less structured, at home longer, and staying up later!!  How can we make the summer enjoyable for everyone? Let the WLBPA lend a hand. We want to help you balance your time with family and your continuing responsibilities at home and work.

Embrace the technology!! Whatever your thoughts might be on kids using technology, it is here to stay. Rather…it is here to continue growing…rapidly.

A picture circulated on my Facebook feed showing a group of children at a restaurant, all quietly using an electronic tool with headphones, sitting and waiting for their food. I was a little shocked at the back-lash I saw in the comments section.  People were outraged that the family wasn’t enjoying the time “together” by interacting face-to-face. Honestly, I have no idea what this family looks like while out to dinner on a regular basis or how they interact with each other in life. What I can say is…WHATEVER WORKS! (If memory serves, there was a debate circulating not long ago about barring children from certain restaurants.)

That said, we wanted to compile a list of the best FREE sites for kids. Whether you are at a restaurant, looking to boost learning over the summer, trying to teach your children to become comfortable with technology and proper internet use, or just need a moment of peace, you should find something here.  These sites are educational, safe, and FREEEEEE:

online educational games

  1. Prongo (pre-K through middle school)
  2. Childtopia (pre-K to 6)
  3. FunSchool (pre-K through Grade 6)
  4. Karooba (Grades 3 and up)
  5. Funbrain (Grades K through 8)
  6.’s Games (Grades 3 and up)
  7. Sheppard Software (All Ages)
  8. National Geographic Channel’s Games Site (Grades 3 and up)
  9. PrimaryGames (Grades K through 6)
  10. Educational Games on (Grades 6 and up + Higher Ed)
  11. Power My Learning (Grades K-12 and based on common core)
  12. Learning Games For Kids (Grades 1-8)
  13. QuizHub (Grades K-12 and iPad compatible)
  14. Orsinal
  15. PBS Kids Go (PreK-6)
  16. Knowledge Adventure Games (Grades K-12)
  17. Room Recess (Grades K-5)
  18. Play Kids Games (Grades K-8)
  19. FitBrains (all ages)
  20. ABCya (Grades K-5)
  21. Starfall (Grades Pre-K-5)
  22. Sesame Street (Grades Pre-K-5)
  23. CSI Web Adventures (Middle and up)
  24. Arcademics (Grades 1-5)
  25. The Problems Site (Grades 5 and up)
  26. (Middle and up)
  27. Kids’ Zone (National Center for Education Statistics)
  28. Literacy Center (Multiple Languages: Preschool to Grade 5)
  29. Quiz Tree (Grades 1-12)
  30. Read, Write, Think, Crosswords (K-12)

If that’s not enough–here are some MEGA-Resource Sites with multiple listings for online educational games:

Virtual Middle School

Fact Monster

Sheppard Software

Kinetic City

Woodland Games

77 Educational Games and Game Builders 

60 Educational Game Sites That You’ve Probably Never Seen

Free Educational Flash Games

Allow this summer to be stress-free. Send us any sites you may know about and let us add them to the list.

Don’t forget to share this list with your friends!

photo credit: Enokson via photopin cc

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