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Finally Friday!

It’s finally Friday!  What are your plans?  As with most weekends, we have so many things to do we will be lucky if we get any of them done.  With the To-Do list full of at-home obligations, it is important for us to do something fun, right?

That might be a tall order when the forecast looks like rain, rain, and more rain!  Since my little-ones are at home with me during the week, it is ESSENTIAL that we leave the house every day.  One day of being rained-in is enough to make us all go nuts.  The weekends are no different.  I’m not sure about other people whose work does not take them outside their own home, but for me it is often hard to tell when one week starts and another stops.  I’ve started making sure we all do something exciting as a family.  It doesn’t have to be big, just fun (read: stress free).

For those of you who might not be aware, Florida is celebrating its 500th year (since discovery and naming by Ponce de León).  Regardless of your feelings on the “discovery” part, the state has a pretty great web-site listing tons of wonderful places in Florida, many free, and cultural things to do.  Here, specifically, I found a link to ALL the museums in Florida.  There are museums I never even knew about in every county!  Some are more elaborate than others, but it might be fun to check off all the ones that aren’t a far drive and see what else is in the area. Trains? Old school houses? Lighthouses?  We got ’em!


Museums are great in bad weather! Also, libraries.  I read a local blog post about all the great things that libraries offer these days that I wasn’t even aware of.  As much as it pains me to admit, I often forget about libraries with all the e-books and Interwebs out there.  The library system in my county is awesome, and offers programs for kids (like puppet shows and sing-a-longs, classes for kids and adults, and a bunch of electronic rentals I didn’t know about.  Read the blog post about library offerings here.

P.S.  There is also a link for upcoming events on the Viva Florida site.  It lists events for cities all across the state, and has a link for submissions too (if you think something has been left off).  The 1st Annual Tallahassee Latin Dance Festival is next weekend and it sounds awesome.  It’s too far for me to go, but maybe some of you all can hit it up!  It has workshops, performances, and social dancing for the whole family.  Either way, make sure to bookmark the link and check it throughout 2013 for upcoming events.

P.P.S.  Just get out there and enjoy yourselves this weekend.  Laugh and breathe.  Laundry can wait (or so I keep telling myself)!

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