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Clever Keepsake Crafts for People Who Don’t Have Time

Spring is in the air! Time to clean, purge, and organize. Every year, this season fills me with the desire to start a keepsake project for my kids that will–one day–leave them speechless and teary-eyed with joy. I just don’t have time.

Projects like scrapbooking take a lot of energy and dedication to complete (not to mention a ton of supplies). Many of us don’t have the space or the will to make it through these kinds of hobbies. Though I would love to present my children with beautiful mementos of their childhood, a scrapbook is not in the cards. I can’t even organize their photos on my hard drive. Still, while I’m cleaning for spring, I get nostalgic packing away their little outfits and artwork.

In this article written for BuzzFeed, 7 Adorable Ways To Commemorate Your Kids Without Scrapbooking, I share seven ideas that have a low supply/storage/or time commitment. In most of these, the major requirement is to think about it from time to time and make a purposeful contribution. The idea is to choose one thing, like bath toys, and make a purposeful collection of those items.


For one of these crafts, a mother collects tidbits from her son’s pockets over the years. If you are emptying pockets for the wash anyway, why not stuff the contents into a jar? Easy. Low effort. Great future impact.

My absolute favorite idea, one I started for my girls, is to make them an e-mail account. For better or worse, I have my phone in hand all the time. Any time something adorable happens, I have a thought I’d like to share, or I snap a picture of their accomplishment, I send it right to them. When they turn 18, I plan on giving them the password to the account. Of course, I can always curate posts I send (or others send) before that birthday. Naturally, I sent a bunch of emails when I first opened the accounts. Since then, I e-mail when I think of it or something big happens. Still, by the time they hit 18, they will have a nice collection of thoughts, observations, and pictures. I even send them the answers to their birthday questions.

This digital way of collecting mementos helps me relax around the idea of creating something special. The pressure to create “Pinterest” worthy crafts can sneak up on the best of us. With these easy ideas, I  feel like I am working towards a great end result without stressing myself out. It’s all about balance!

photo credit: Photo A Day July via photopin (license)


  1. Really cute ideas!

  2. Dani Katz /

    I love this idea! What email service are you using. I was using Hotmail for many years for general emails for me, but later was the butt of jokes because I was still using it. What service can I pick that will actually be around in 15 years?

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