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Taking the Leap: Interview with Entrepreneur Marisa Crane

Starting a business is scary.  Moving from a stable job and going out on your own is scary.  Marisa Crane, owner of Bayshore Esthetics, talks with us about how she finds success, how she made the leap, and how she keeps the momentum going. Share this with your friends who are small business owners, entrepreneurs, or anyone thinking of branching out on their own.

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Small-business owner, Marisa Crane.

WLBPA: Thank you so much for talking with me, Marisa.

Marisa: Anything I can do for you, just let me know!

WLBPA: Well, I wanted to ask you questions about how you started your small business.  I know you have been in the spa industry before, but how did make the decision to leave a steady, “stable” career to go back out on your own?

Marisa: Realizing the “one thing” that is most important in life, to you, will be what makes the decision for you. If you build on what you know and love, that “one thing” will be perfectly clear. For each of us it is different.

WLBPA: My problem is that I love too many things! As a result, I’ve started a bunch of small-businesses (not all of them a success). For me, I cannot NOT go forward with an idea.  Leaving my “stable career” was more like an episode of Snapped.  I was fed-up and I jumped.  How did you find the strength to get started?

Marisa: Start by surrounding yourself with positive thinkers and build on their trust. Trust will get you further than good credit.

WLBPA:  That is so important.  Without support, especially from your family, business-ownership is much harder.  Without the support of my husband, I would have given up by now. How has your relationship with yourself (or your daughter/family) changed for the better because of your decision to take charge of your life?

Marisa: Doing what you love creates a stronger, happier, healthier you and has a trickle-down effect. It’s contagious– just like smiling. You can’t help it! My daughter and I are very close so whatever affects me hits close to home. Since making this change the stress has been the good kind. If you can believe there is such a thing! She gets excited and nods in approval each time I tell her I saw a new client that day!

WLBPA: People feel put-out most often by trying to balance work with time at home.  They feel trapped in jobs they don’t like and resentful that they can’t be with their children more.  You are solving this problem for yourself by creating your own life on your terms.  What was the most difficult thing to overcome in making this decision?

Marisa: Coming to terms with starting at ZERO! I was thinking that you have to start with some working capital. Once I realized “You can’t go anywhere but up,” things became easier. Placing each little bit of progress on a list and reviewing it regularly has helped me appreciate myself. This is the key to success in life and business. It is too easy to put yourself down and even harder to build yourself up. You must remind yourself daily you are worthy and capable.

WLBPA:  That is excellent advice.  I have yet to make progress reviews/charts part of my habit–I talk about it–I just haven’t done it! How do you keep the momentum going for yourself (especially when you feel those down moments)?

Marisa:  I keep a log of what works and what doesn’t. I will set numerous small goals (for daily, weekly and monthly) so that I can keep myself “pumped” by consistently achieving them. In my case a little goes a long way. For me exercise is a big part of having confidence and maintaining the momentum you need in the game of life.

WLBPA: I do feel better when I exercise.  Before bed, I try to read a little inspirational/improvement articles or books.  They always mention how important exercise is (not just to your body) to maintaining a positive mental outlook.  Last question! If someone was afraid to go out on their own, or make a big leap from a company to doing something they loved, what encouraging words would you tell them?

Marisa: Imagine that your life is the ocean and that the risks we take are like throwing out the fishing line. If you don’t throw it out you will never reap the rewards of a great fish dinner! And if at first you don’t succeed- change the bait but not the mission!

WLBPA:  Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us.  You give off such an amazingly positive vibe, I had to ask you for your business philosophy!  Our clients can tell when we have a sincere love for what we do–and having had services from you, I can attest that your love shows in your work.


Marisa Crane is the owner of Bayshore Esthetics, a facial and nail spa designed to sooth, calm, and rejuvenate the body.  Her services are private, so each client receives personal and undivided attention.

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