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Shop Small This Week

Here’s the thing: People work really hard to follow their dreams, create a business, and carve out a life for themselves. Let’s support that. Sure, mega-chain-marts are cheaper. But there is no substitute for handmade quality and originality.

Have to shop for someone who “has everything?” Get them something unique from a small business, local craftsman, or artist. It is sure to be a hit!

Support a friend by purchasing gift-cards for their services, and gift it to others.

Pay it forward. Supporting the small businesses in your community, and the businesses of your friends, will score you some big karma points for the next time you need support in your corner. We could all use a hand.

Don’t know where to begin? Try Facebook. Chances are, you’ve seen a friend recommend a local shop or business, or promote their own. Scroll back through and check out their websites. Make it a point to support a few of them while you shop this season.

Here are some fabulous places I recommend. I guarantee you are supporting real people, real craftsman, real artists.


Know anyone that loves cool leggings? How about filling up some blank wall space or spicing up your couch with some new pillows? You have got to check out RadLabs on Society6.

ABOUT THE ART: “Artists Katie Helms and Veronica Fannin create collaborative artist’s books. This image is a small detail taken from mixed media books made over several years of working together with many other artists. Steeped in love, ritual, and friendship & reaching toward center, these two friends offer to you a glimpse into their larger network of partnership.”

The print I’m crazy about:

Titled “I Don’t Hide Anymore,” this print has got my name written all over it!



Mama Sews Best

It’s not jut the name that is adorable. You have to check out these handmade, cleverly creative, gifts. From matching kid/doll accessories to custom keepsakes, you are sure to find something you like.

The item I’m crazy about:

These Memory Bears are made from a loved one’s old clothing and offer comfort in all seasons. This tender tribute is especially wonderful for someone who is facing their first holiday without a loved one.

memory bear


Swan Children

I am in love with the oils and enchanting creations from Swan Children. For “personal empowerment and maximum luminosity,” these hand-blended oils make heads turn and magic happen. If you are local to Seattle, you can have an oil custom made, or you can take a class on aromatherapy or gems.

The scent I’m crazy about:

I’ve used a bunch of oils from Swan Children, but my current obsession is Laura Palmer from the Twin Peaks collection.


Hair by Amanda

Treat yourself or get a gift card for someone. If you are local to Lutz, FL, get a hair makeover from Amanda. If you aren’t, support a talented stylist in your town.

Amanda’s crazy talent: COLOR!

hair by amanda

Have a small business? Share in the comments! Make sure to link your shop so we can find you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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