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Resume Re-Do

It’s Ask Madeleine Monday, so while the questions come pouring in on our FB page (I mean “Whoa, guys, not so fast!”), I thought I’d share some work stuff that I found over the weekend.

I haven’t officially sent in a resume in over a year. (Even as a career-mother, you might find the right opportunity appears out of nowhere–so it is JUST as important for us to keep an updated resume on file as it is for mom’s-in-the-field.)  Recently, I looked up some samples to see where the trends were and they are completely different than what I’m used to!!!  Man, do I feel out of touch. Gone are the days of a one page, easy to read, bullet point resume.  Resume’s look like magazine pages now, or comic books, or I don’t know…nothing like mine! 

This link here shows 7 creative resumes and 10 social resumes that are catching attention.  Before you freak out, or cry a little like I did, take note of the KIND of job these people are hoping to get.  That makes a difference.  If you are looking for a marketing job, your resume would need to appropriately represent your creative marketing skills by marketing yourself (especially in the style of the company you are looking to join).  My marketing experience comes mainly from that 6-hour (not even the whole 8) high-pressure phone sale job I had 15 years ago…  “What do you mean you don’t want a cruise from CheapShip USA?  Of course, I’ve been on that ship before.  It sails out the port by my…er..hello?.. hello?” 

Resumes are a fact of life.  And, let’s get real…when was the last time you updated yours?  Do it now!!!  You do have time (don’t argue).  Open up an e-mail/ Word doc./ notes page on your phone, and make a bullet point list that you can update frequently: as you get accolades, get asked to perform new tasks, solve a problem, etc.   When it is time for you to sit down and face THE RESUME, you will have a bunch of stuff to pull from. 

Use that moment you are at your desk, tempted to check FB (for the fiftieth time in the last 20min.), and instead start making a list of all the stuff you have done in the job world in the last 10 years.  You never know what you will need to pull off the list (and it looks way more professional to passers-by than Candy Crush).

All the buzz-worthy resumes on the list look a little crazy-town to me (in this sense crazy-town is an adjective, not to be confused with the proper noun, Crazy Town, where I live).   I am not a comic-book reader.  I can’t do it.  What am I reading again?  Where is the continuation of the sentence?  Why do I have anxiety? But I am not everybody.  If this is important for the job you are looking for, you will need to embrace the change.  Hopefully, your resume represents you.  If you are honestly reflecting yourself and your skills in your resume and interview, your new job is more likely to be a good fit.

A part of me always panics that I will never be able to acquire a job in main-stream America after my hiatus at home, but I cannot let that panic direct my resume.  I am tired of saying I love working with people when I don’t.  I love working around people.  I love individual projects that fit together with other people’s–collaboratively.  There’s a difference.  My resume should reflect me, my values, and sell ME in the best way possible. 

SAHParents need to pay special attention at how the skills they use currently transfer into the workforce.  Make sure you keep a list too. Event planing? Negotiation? Time management? Researching?  These are valuable skills that employers appreciate.

Having a fun social-resume link is a great cross section of the two–a more traditional looking paper resume with a splashy social-resume.  I Googled “resume tips 2013” and came across this article from USNews, by Alexis Grant.  In it, Grant touts the good-old standards of clarity, proper grammar and spelling, and cleanliness.   She also has solid advice about what to include, the proper use of industry buzz-words, and suggestions on how to organize the information.  It does matter what the resume contains within, not just how it looks. In fact, if your resume is empty and you get the jobs on looks alone….well…I hope I never have to work there….(raspberry).

Bottom line: Get crackin’ on updating your resume.  Nothing puts pep in your step like knowing you could apply for a job (something awesome that you really love) at any moment!  You are ready for opportunity when it knocks.

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  1. Mark /

    Yes, ma’am, I have been on that cruise as a single lady, eh…I mean as a married women; I mean as a committed dating couple; as a committed lesbian couple; as a…”what kind of cruise do want to go on”?!? Live simply. Live honestly. Communicate effectively.

    Loving the blog and the honesty behind it!

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