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How Do You Find The Time?

By Vee Pope

How do you find the time?”

I’m trying to break up with how that question makes me feel. It has simultaneously irked me and made me feel productive. My over analytical mind asks if it’s a loaded or genuine question all the time. I never know but what I do know is that I can control how I react to it.



So, how do I find the time? I can say I simply make the time to do the things I want to do, or I can show you how I have tried to master the art of time management.

One thing I want to make clear to those who are taking the time to read this: I currently have How I Met Your Mother playing, another “work” computer is running, and I just finished texting with both of my parents. Also, I did not sit down to write this in one sitting.

Now, I recognize multi-tasking might not be effective for certain tasks. I’m not claiming to be perfect in this area of my life, but I can still provide tips on how you can better manage your time. Let’s just say I have spent a lot of time researching time.

Okay–these tips can apply to anyone and I mean ANYONE! Time is not gender, age or race specific. It doesn’t matter if you are a mom, single, dad, married, teen or toddler (well, some of the tips may not apply to toddlers).  We can tackle these together!

Find a hobby:

No matter who you are or how your days and weeks are structured, you absolutely need to find a healthy outlet to build into your routine. Hobbies can contribute to eustress, which is a healthful dose of stress or quite literally speaking “good stress”. Eustress is that feeling of excitement about life. It keeps us revitalized and positive. So pick up that book or go on those walks and treat yo’ self to a HOBBY!

Write everything down:

My planner obsession is unhealthy. Trust me, I recognize that, but I have also met people who wished they had one. While whipping out my planner to schedule future appointments, people will comment on how they just set a reminder for themselves in their phone but will STILL forget a coffee date (or a deadline for cancelling that pesky magazine subscription). Having a planner has helped me immensely. I got the tip from Emily Ley, the creator of my favorite planner, to incorporate filling in the days over breakfast time with my husband & son. It’s about using every moment together intentionally. Instead of checking my phone to see what’s new with the Facebook or Instagram “Joneses,” I’m making sure I know what is going on that week. This helps avoid communication breakdowns, and lets me fit in what matters most. So, my second tip is to treat yo’ self to a PLANNER (or journal/scrap piece of paper)!


Set boundaries:

We talked about this on one of our Sippin’ Social Hour podcasts. Pick days or times that are non negotiable. Use that time to make your goals happen. Whatever you choose, be fierce with it (also a tip from Emily Ley). Boundary setting is still one of those tips where I certainly need to practice what I preach. Let’s just say I have been practicing progress…and not perfection. Treat yo’ self to BOUNDARIES!

Create your own classroom:

This is a concept I created for myself lately. I haven’t been doing it for too long but I would love to share it and get your feedback. My passion is to help others be fully resourced to solve whatever problems they may have. To do this, I have to research and read–which requires time. I’ve gotten creative with fitting this in since my circumstances have evolved over the years. I like to make a “class schedule” where I reserve Monday – Thursday mornings to “learning”. On my morning drives to work, I listen to podcasts and books on Audible covering all topics in life. Maybe you don’t have a long commute, so instead find time while folding laundry, walking on the treadmill, or waking an hour early. Your hobby may or may not include reading books, but I found that by looking for self-improvement opportunities, we find true joy and  fulfillment in the every day. So, treat yo’ self to a LIFE CLASS!

Another tip I want to quickly add is finding a life cheerleader! Find someone who will help you delve into what matters most. If you are looking for someone, shoot me an email at . I promise to find time for you :)



mtedit-e1416104891890Vee Pope is a Tampa, FL wife & mother. She works in corporate finance full time, blogs on One Social Brunette & co-hosts the Sippin’ Social Hour podcast. She spends too much money on books & loves to make city guides for visitors. You can follow this social butterfly on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.


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  1. I honestly think that the more technology we add to our lives the harder it actually is to maintain the right time management balance. I have a very love-hate relationship with email and social media. I have definitely reverted back to pen and paper for keeping track of a lot of things. Thanks for sharing via #TBB #LinkLove

    • Beth – thank you! I agree with you. There is something about getting it all down on paper for me that clears my mind. – Vee

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